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Bi Weekly Dumpster Pricing Increase

Posted Date: 08/03/2021

Bi Weekly Dumpster Pricing Increase

We stopped signing up customers for bi-weekly dumpsters in Late 2018, however, we still honored the bi-weekly pricing for those customers and picked them up once per week like all other stops.  Now that Hoffman has taken the reigns, we are eliminating all bi-weekly dumpsters.  This is not because we don’t value customers needs, but rather because through our research we have figured out that there is just as much trash in those containers as there would be if it was picked up weekly.   Another reason is because the routes are now so big we are driving right by those cans anyway and elected to pick them up since we were there.  

In February, prices on current bi-weekly priced customers will increase.  If you are one of those customers and would like to change your container size we will change it out free of charge.  Also, if you would like to move into polycarts instead of a dumpster, that is an option as well.  

We value each of you as a customer.  If there is an issue with the bi-weekly pricing please contact the office at 580-924-1781